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IITís Training Services include exceptional instructor-led training, full or partial outsourcing, custom course development and e-training/e-learning.

In these times of rapid change in business requirements and technology evolution, few things are more important than the need for effective and flexible training. The ability to learn faster and more efficiently enables an organization to remain ahead of competition in the business.

Access, information and speed drive todayís world. The key to successful learning in this world is to move knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it. It should be possible for anyone to sharpen skills or develop new ones, pick up quick tips or launch a whole new career.

To meet these requirements, e-learning is rapidly becoming the preferred way for organizations to deploy quality, cost-effective learning to their workforce and partners. e-learning delivers more training to more people for lesser money and it promises to deliver just-in-time training. That is the reason why many companies are switching to e-learning. In addition to these benefits, it is also flexible, fast and convenient. It saves both time and money and delivers measurable and tangible results.

There are several special situations where e-learning is particularly effective, especially when an organization wants to:

  • Enhance classroom learning.

  • Offer employees a choice of learning styles (online instructor-led or self-paced).

  • Launch a new product or service and wants to train sales representatives, technical support and even customers quickly and easily.

  • Bring new employees up to speed on a tool

  • Give employees or students access to courses and resources outside of the office or the classroom.

  •  Ensure that everyone receives consistent information and training.