India Journal


February 9, 2001

IIT - Providing Ingenious Business & Technology Solutions

By Amelia M.


ARCADIA, CA - Vandana Gupta, Founder President of Ingenious Information Technology (IIT) is sure of where she's headed. She launched IIT Inc. in 1996 with its principal office in Los Angeles. The Company has grown over the years and now has about 40 employees.

Gupta says, "Since its inception, IIT has been proving business and technology solutions to various vertical industries like financial, warehousing, utilities communications. Along with specializing in project work, we also provide

"We believe in creating business partnerships with our clients which go way beyond a handshake and are everlasting friendships."


 resources to work on projects managed by the client."

As President of a growing company, Gupta has her hands full. Marketing strategies, business development and management are all in a day's work for her. "As I have a strong technical background, it's hard for me to stay out of projects. So apart from all my other duties, I can't resist getting involved in projects at a very high level," she says. This comes as no surprise since Gupta earned a B.E. degree in Electronic & Communication Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and then working for six years at CMC before coming to the US in 1992. After a stint with a number of consulting companies here, she broke off on her own. "My vision for IIT is to grow as much as we can but not compromise on quality and services. We want to go slowly at the right pace and above all, keep our customers satisfied," she explains.

Talking about clients, she says "We recognize that different clients have different needs and we are flexible and committed to meeting the evolving challenge. We believe in creating business partnerships with our clients. Our relationships go way beyond a handshake and are everlasting friendships.

We also have partnerships with various national and international firms with expertise in different technology areas.

This gives us a competitive edge over other independent consulting firms, since we can put together the best teams appropriate for the specific needs of our clients.

We also have off-site development facilities including off-shore relationships, which help to give our clients cost benefit."

Among their clients is Southern California Edison. Gupta recounts how IIT was invited by Edison Enterprises to develop a custom package for a new service they has started offering their clients. "Edison Enterprises had tried for about three months to try to develop that package in house but with no success.

This service included processing and paying utility bills for many superstores and charging them only a fixed baseline amount per month.

They had already started providing the service and were expecting the first set of bills to be processed by the system in the next three weeks, but did not have a system to support that. We were invited to provide a solution to their problem and we were able to bail them out. Now they are one of our permanent clients."

Gupta is comfortable being a woman in a largely male dominated industry. "Fortunately, I have never experience and kind of gender discrimination or felt disadvantaged. If you work hard and are dedicated you will gain respect whether you're a man or woman," she says.

Gupta is upbeat about the future. "IIT has already opened a branch in the Bay Area and also plans to make its presence felt on the East Coast.

On the cards is expansion of our off-shore operations as this will not only help the Indian economy but will be cost effective to our clients. We also plan on marketing the product we have developed - Ingenious Project Manager - in a big way."

When Gupta is off work, you can catch her watching one of the latest offerings from Bollywood or just relaxing with her husband and son.

She has a word of advice, born out of experience, for entrepreneurs. "Getting your foot in the door is the most difficult task. Once this hurdle is crossed, retain your clients by providing excellent customer service and support to them."