India Journal


April 30, 2004

IIT CEO Vandana Gupta Heads Minority Business Panel

ARCADIA, CA - Ingenious Information Technology (IIT) was launched in 1996, with its principal offices in Los Angeles is recovering from the stagnation faced by most IT companies in the last 2-3 years because of IT budget cuts and overall bad economy. Since its inception, IIT has been providing leading edge technology solutions including Project Management, Systems Integration, Telecommunication, Network Engineering, Custom Software development, Training and Staffing, to various vertical industries. President and CEO Vandana Gupta feels quite lucky that IIT has survived that phase when many IT companies had to go under. "IIT actually diversified its business more towards Government clients during this phase as opposed to all private sector clients only which were a major source of revenue in the earlier years of IIT. We also diversified into other fields like telecommunication, online training etc based on client needs. This year seems to be pretty good as IIT is working on a multimillion dollar project for the Los Angeles Unified School District. We have also recently added more clients to our list like LADWP, MWD, to name a few and are contributing to the economic growth of the country by hiring more local employees," Gupta says. Gupta has also been recently elected Chairperson for Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee for the Greater Los Angeles area. This is associated with the Southern California Minority Business Development Council (SCMBDC) and she is on their Board as well. SCMBDC is the largest non profit minority business advocacy organization in the region serving about 1300 minority business enterprises (MBE) and about 300 corporate members, with a mission to support and develop minority business enterprises to compete and succeed in the open market. Major Fortune 500 companies are its members because they are interested in doing business with MBEs. "As an elected chairperson, I am the voice of about 1300 MBEs (minority business enterprises) who are already certified by the council. During my term, it is my vision to bridge the gap between large corporations and MBEs by working on providing more opportunities to MBEs. To achieve this we are organizing various educational seminars and matchmaking events this year where large corporations will have roundtable discussion with MBEs, teaching them how to do business with them and telling them about upcoming business opportunities. These would be great networking events. I would encourage all of our Indian businesses to consider being associated with the council. I would be very glad to help in any way I can. This is my way of giving back to the community. I always believe in "the more you give the more you get," Gupta says. Commenting on the current hot issue of outsourcing, she says," We have been using off-shore development for a long time to provide cost benefit to our clients. However, more recently, we have been doing more business locally and hiring more local talent to help the US economy. Currently we want to contribute more to the US economy by providing employment and opportunities to more local talent." Being a woman in a still predominantly 'man's world,' she has some sound advice for fellow women entrepreneurs. "Compete in the open market on your own merit. Women have a very strong inner strength and are very capable of producing wonderful results when they put their heart and mind to anything they want to achieve." Gupta defines success as "different for different people." Elaborating she says," Success is to create a balance between your professional, personal and spiritual life. You should not ignore any of these. I would not call myself successful but I contribute whatever I achieve to the following reasons. First, I am a very strong believer in God and I truly believe that without his wish nothing can happen. For my spiritual fulfillment, I try to volunteer at my local temple based on my schedule, whenever I can, which is much less than what I would like to. The second reason is a very supporting family. It really helps to have the moral and emotional support when you need it. And third of course is hard work and perseverance. You should not give up no matter how bad the situation looks." IIT's success, she feels is based on its reputation of excellent customer service and quality. It has also been following the strategy of having minimum overheads to be able to provide the benefit of lower cost of services to their clients. IIT prides itself in its successful track record in small to multi million dollar projects. Gupta's future plans include taking the company to the next level and contributing more towards society. "I also want to work harder to achieve more balance between my professional, personal and spiritual life," she adds. Gupta holds a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Her consulting experience includes Oracle Corporation, Sybase Corporation, Capital Group, Apple Computers, Merisel Inc., and  Amdahl Corporation. She launched IIT within four years of coming to the US.