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 IIT has developed a methodology called Ingenious Methodology and supporting proprietary tool called Ingenious Project Manager (IPM) to be able to effectively and efficiently manage and implement projects. It is a known fact that, success of any project depends heavily on the methodology followed for the implementation. The methodology and the tool cover all aspect of IT Project lifecycle including Project Management, Requirements, Analysis, Design, Recommendations, Development, Testing, Implementation and Production Support.

 Use of IIT's Methodology and Project Management tool helps in successfully completing IT projects on budget and on time.


·   Project timeline Tracking

·   Project resources and contacts Management

·   Tasks Tracking

·   Status, Issues and Action Items Tracking

·   Meetings including Agenda, Minutes, Action Items

·   Requirements Tracking

·   Design Tracking

·   Data Definition including Data Dictionary, Database Design and Glossary

·   Testing and Bugs Tracking

·   Project Costing including Time sheets, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

·   Place to attach and track various documents associated with the project

Along with tracking features it provides canned Reports which can be printed “as is” to a printer or can be exported to Word/Excel etc. for editing and publishing. These reports include:

· Project Plan

· Status Reports

· Meeting Agenda

· Meeting Minutes

· Requirements Document

· Design Document

· Glossary

· Data Dictionary

· Test Reports

· Bug Tracking Reports

· Time sheets

· Accounts Payable Report

· Accounts Receivable Report

· Cost Summary