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IIT's expertise is in providing Consulting for complete IT projects from start to finish and beyond. However, IIT can also provide supplemental consultant support for Client Managed Projects.



Systems Analysis, Design, Development, Production Support

Investment Management

IIT is helping a major investment management firm develop systems which provide a range of functions that enable account managers to plan and manage the allocation of money to a varied portfolio of assets for individual investors and managed funds. The systems share a common SYBASE database which runs on a UNIX-based processor. IIT is also helping with the development of various reports using SQR and development of various applications to support the business using PowerBuilder. IIT also helped with Business and Functional analysis for systems to be developed and Production Support activities.

Commercial Mortgage

We successfully completed the requirement study for the custom application for Loan tracking to be developed using Joint Application Design sessions and rapid prototyping at various client locations. We worked with their IT department to understand the requirements at a very high level and used ACCESS to do a quick prototype of the system. This prototype along with PowerPoint Presentations was used during the JAD sessions at various geographical client locations to gather requirements. A final requirements and high level design document along with a Scope document was delivered at the end of this phase for user acceptance to move into the next phase of Design and Development.


Client Server

Residential Communication

IIT was involved in the complete design and development of Sybase database back-end for the entire operation of the company. The database supported all the departments of the company from Marketing to Accounting. The information required for the entire Pipeline resided in this database called the IDB (Integrated Database). IIT also supported in the design and development of Front-end applications to IDB to support various business functions using E-Business Solutions.


IIT is helping a leading Residential Mortgage Bank with their Client Server Systems involving SQL Server and Visual Basic. We are providing design and development help as well as Production Support.

Systems Consulting

IIT supported other Systems Consulting firms in their Client Server projects including Billing and Payment Systems for a Utility involving Sybase and Visual Basic technology. IIT also supported another firm with their Metering project involving Systems Integration.


Customized Systems


We have successfully completed various projects involving complete development lifecycle including requirements study, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, rollout, production support, training. Our Project Managers managed the complete process utilizing our Ingenious Methodology.

We developed customized Systems for a Utility company to support their services and products. We developed Customized solutions using Oracle database as the back-end and Developer 2000 as the front-end on Windows NT, Unix based platform like IBM RS6000, HP etc. The applications can process utility bills for the Utilities' clients. It is used as a Data warehouse of all the billing information. It interfaces with the Accounts Payable and General Ledger system of the company for check printing and GL Accounting. It also performs recalculation of the bills to validate their accuracy against defined business rules. It also performs various other validations and checks against the baselines for various clients. The system also provides the facility to enter historical utility bills for a client to perform analysis and come up with baseline values. It also allows storage and update of utility rate schedules.

Another application integrated with the above application tracks the appliance load profiles. It also calculates and tracks the changes in baselines for various clients based on addition or deletion of equipment at a client's site. It can generate the load profiles for various appliances and equipment based on data stored in the system. It generates various reports and supporting documentation for changing baselines for clients based on the contracts with them.

We have also developed an application to generate and print bills and their supporting documentation for the clients based on pre-defined rules defined by the utility.


IIT developed an Inventory Management System for a Furniture Warehouse which served their warehouses and stores. The purpose of this system is to track inventory in store and warehouse, print packing slips and provide update and query facility along with supporting other inventory related business transactions like receiving, shipping, transfers etc.

Commercial Mortgage

We are successfully working on projects involving complete development lifecycle including requirements study, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, rollout, production support, training. Our Project Managers are managing the complete process utilizing our Ingenious Methodology.

We are developing a customized system for Loan tracking thru' various departments of the company. It tracks information that can be at multiple hierarchical levels. Multiple loans can belong to a Deal and a loan can have multiple properties and a property can have multiple concepts. It tracks the information from the time Marketing receives the loan package till the time the loan is funded. It is developed on Windows NT platform using SQL Server as the back-end and Visual Basic as the front-end.


Data warehousing and Data marts


We have also developed a Data mart for management reporting. This Data mart is refreshed on a periodic basis using scheduled jobs. These jobs create the data for complex management reports for Company financial performance. There are canned reports provided from this Oracle Data mart using ODBC connectivity to Executives for their analysis. They are also provided the capability to slice and dice the information based on their preference.


 IIT supported in designing an Oracle Data warehouse for the Company to store their entire business. It also involved implementation of Business Objects for reporting.


Business Process Re-engineering


We have been involved in Business Process Re-engineering for various processes. This included complete study of the business process and delivery of recommendation documents describing suggestions on re-engineering and reasons and advantages associated with the suggested re-engineered process and shortcomings of current business processes. Some of the business processes that were studied by us included Proposal Process and business processes adopted by various departments of the company.


Feasibility Study


We have been responsible for completing feasibility study for a lot of intended systems. We have produced recommendation documents based on the business study and utilizing business knowledge of clients and our own technical expertise. Some of the Feasibility Studies done by us included implementation of Inventory system, implementation of project tracking database etc.


Systems Implementation


We have complete responsibility for implementation of facilities management package called Facilities Management Enterprise (FME) by Asset Works which is deployed on Oracle back-end with PowerBuilder front-end. We have been responsible for complete business process study, business and technical requirements, design, architecture and implementation of various modules of the package. This includes complete study and comparison with the existing package which is implemented in the company i.e. Great Plains and user interviews to understand business requirements. We have also been responsible for configuration of FME to meet use requirements. Data conversion from Great Plains to FME is also our responsibility. This includes understanding of complete technical architecture of Great Plains to be able to extract data out of Great Plains. We have also done customization at the database level in FME so that the existing data model of FME and the existing application functionality is not affected but we are able to enhance it's functionality at the database level by adding more tables to store additional information and implement additional logic.

We are also assisting in implementation of various modules of Lawson System including A/R, Billing etc. We are involved in gathering user requirements to facilitate appropriate configuration of these modules.


Systems Integration


We have responsibility for design and development of various interfaces between customized systems developed by us and other off-the-shelf packages implemented e.g. FME, Lawson, Clarify etc. Seamless integration of all these systems is extremely critical to the success of the company to avoid data redundancy and automation to the extent possible to improve productivity.

Due to our knowledge of data models of application packages like Lawson and FME, we have been able to establish seamless links between them without affecting functionality of either package.

These interfaces included communication and exchange of information between databases or using APIs provided by a package. We have designed and developed multiple interfaces to and from Lawson Financials package.

Commercial Mortgage

We are also helping with the integration of the above application with various existing systems in company like Loan Model, Loan Servicing System etc. Interfaces are being written so that various systems can talk to each other and the information can be exchanged.


Consulting Support


We are providing analysis, design and development support for System Implementation including Clarify and other applications.


Production Support


IIT helped with the Mainframe Production Support activities of the company for various Mainframe Systems.


IIT is involved in helping a large education client with Project Management and Quality Assurance of their telecommunication projects involving Voice & Data: Fiber, Cable, Phone Systems, Intrusion/Fire Alarm.

Network Engineering

IIT is involved in helping a large education client with Project Management and Quality Assurance of their network engineering involving LAN, WAN, Routers, Systems.



IIT helped with design and development of systems on Internet/Intranet using Symantec Visual cafe, HTML, JDBC etc. in Windows NT environment. We were also involved in systems integration activities.

Database Administration


IIT was responsible for Oracle Database Administration activities for various key databases for the Company. Responsibilities included creation, maintenance and performance tuning of the databases.

Commercial Mortgage

We are providing SQL Server Database Administration support for the Company's various systems. We are also helping with various other System's and Application development and maintenance support for the company.


Interfaces to SAP


 IIT supported a leading automobile company writing SAP interfaces for them.