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About IIT | Why IIT?


Who we are......

IIT was formally launched in 1996, with its principal office in Los Angeles, but our employees and consultants bring together numerous years of varied expertise. Since its inception, IIT has been providing cutting edge business and technology solutions to various vertical industries including Financial, Warehousing, Utilities and Communications, to name a few.


IIT recognizes that different clients have different needs over time and IIT is flexible and committed to meet the evolving challenges. Our success in meeting these challenges have led to a very high rate of repeat client business & client referrals. IIT believes in creating business partnership with its clients. Our relationships with our clients is way beyond handshakes of "Welcome" & "Goodbye", they are ever lasting friendships. The client’s problems become our challenges. We use our technological expertise to solve their business problems and use their business expertise to apply our technological solutions sensibly. Our main focus is on quality of service and staff and quality of product we deliver. We also have partnerships with various National and International firms, with expertise in different technological areas. This gives us the competitive edge over other independent consulting firms, since we can put together the best teams appropriate for the specific needs of our clients.


We also have offshore development facilities, which give our clients cost benefit.



  • Provide complete solutions to our Client's Complex Business Issues

  • Provide IT Consulting Services for IIT managed IT projects and/or Client managed IT projects 

  • Provide Staffing Services - Consultants and full time employees

  • Provide Training 

  • Provide easy to use Products



  • Excellent Service

  • Experience and Expertise

  • Complete Solutions

  • Cost Benefit

  • No location constraints 

  • Capability to execute projects at Client's site, at our US office or off-shore (India)

  • Affiliation with other major National and International Companies